Thursday, 15 December 2016

Y8 Graduation 2016

The end has come. The Year 8s have graduated from Ruapotaka School today.

A farewell note to the students in Room 12.

To Tyla, you always tried your best to be the best and you did it.
To Maranatha, your role as producer and director of 'The Focuser' has made this movie the best R12 movie ever.
To Heilala, you have a sensible attitude and you have been an excellent role model for younger children at Ruapotaka.
To Anavea, your role of writing the date and notices on the board daily helped organise my day and gave the class direction.
To Pallas, the hours you spent editing 'The Focuser' until it was all perfect is a credit to your patience and perseverance.
To Sophie-Isabella, you were a great Manaiakalani Ambassador.
To Quros, you were my creative artist who I relied on for all those 'Thank You' cards you made for the school's sponsors and 'The Focuser' logo.
To Samuel, you proved you tried your hardest in the interschool competitions when you came back cut, bruised and injured from Athletics and with Maranatha wearing a moon boot as well.
To Mele, the speed in which you completed your Inquiry learning has set a new R12 record.
To Aydrian, you understood my headaches more than any other student. You could be right - "drinking too much coffee". HAHAHA.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
Mrs Golder

R12 students: Pallas, Heilala, Maranatha, Quros, Aydrian, Tyla, Sophie-Isabella, Anavea, Samuel, Mele (absent). R11 students: Pepe, Halaiano, Gloria, Popi.

Prize-giving 2016

The recipients of the 2016 Prize-giving are acknowledged today for their achievements, successes and hard work in being Better Than Before. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you. 

Manaiakalani Scholarship: Quros

Most Responsible Prefects: Min Zin, Meana and  Quros

Leadership and support in a Cultural Group: Meana and Quros (Cook Islands), Viamoana (Tongan - absernt, represented by Pene), Aydrian and Leanah (Kapahaka), Samuel (Samoan).

Most Responsible Lunch and Wet day Monitors: Samuel, Popi, Min Zin and Athens

Most Responsible Fruit Monitors: Min Zin, Meana and Athens 

Intermediate: Lion Trophy: Heanre(absent)

Intermediate: Sporting ability: Sione, Sportsmanship: Maranatha

Intermediate: Principal's Awatd: Meana, Citizanship Award: Pepe, Leadership: Quros, Responsibility: Samuel, Supportive Student: Maranatha

Intermediate Academic Excellence: Year 7: Athens, Year 8: Tyla 

Intermediate: Most Improved:  Year 7: Timote Junior, Year 8 : Tyla and Samuel

Monday, 12 December 2016

St Kents Day by Athens

Last week on Friday was St Kents Day. I couldn't wait for the day to come. I was put into Team 9 but ended up being split up. 

The first activity we played was soccer. Then we went to bead making, that was my most favourite activity out of everything we did. I made two bracelets because the first one wouldn't fit me. We then had our morning tea break. I spent it with Tyla. After our break we went to the library to play board games. I played pick-up sticks with a bunch of girls.  The last things we did were zumba and decorating the biscuits.

That was one of the best days out of the whole year!

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Two Weeks Left! by Anavea

It's finally the end of the term, officially two weeks left! Now testings are over, cultural group practices are going well and nearly done and dusted. It's going to be extremely hard to say 'goodbye' to this school. For all the eight years I've been at this school just thinking about having two weeks left makes me not want to leave. Sometimes I wish I could start over- start in Room 1 then travel all the way up to Room 12 again - just to experience it all for one last time! I'm sure going to miss all the teachers and our principal. After all the the time and effort they have put into teaching us I just want to say 'thanks', not just from me but from all of us students at Ruapotaka School. Thanks for spending your time printing out homework and giving us books to read at home to help build our knowledge of the world and reach a higher standard. Here is a movie from all of us. Room 12,  2016.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

End Of Year :( by Pallas

It's nearly the end of year and I have put together a video of many photos from both this year and last year. This video is mostly dedicated to all the Year 8s who will be leaving for college. I am going to miss my class so much! Seven long years. I have laughed, cried, and nearly been through everything with them! I can't believe that everything is nearly coming to a end. :(  I am going to make the most of it, because this might be the last and only time I will ever see them again. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Athletics' Injury by Maranatha

Yesterday was the most painful day of my life! Yes, my ankle twisted real badly and started bruising the second I was hopping back up the hill. Luckily I held in my tears because I didn't want to look like a cry baby in front of the other representatives of Ruapotaka School. I wish I could go back in time and do what I was told instead of making my own choices. Mr Reid said, "Stay in the lane!" repeatedly, but I fell down and came to school with a moon boot the next day. I'm regretting it now.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Room 9 Senior Syndicate Assembly by Mika

On Monday Room 9 hosted the Senior Syndicate Assembly. They had a 'Juju on That Beat' challenge. Me, Samuel and Quros represented Room 12. I really enjoyed it. Everyone was laughing at my dancing. Afterwards all the classes had a vote. Room 12 won the challenge. At the end of the assembly we went back to class.  

Friday, 2 December 2016

Room 9's Syndicate Assembly by Athens

On Monday it was Room 9's Syndicate Assembly. I think it was one of the best sundicate assemblys ever because there was a dance challenge and three people from each classroom had to go up. Quros, Mika and Samuel went up for our room. I think Mika was a really good dancer and he made everyone smile and laugh.

Mr Reid also gave out certificates to everyone who came either first, second or third. I came third for the 75m and 100m so I got two stickers on my certificate. Some people had three stickers.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Help Revive Our Culture By Pallas

The other day we made a short video with the pois that we made at Kapa Haka practice. We used the song "Poi E". The video and project are all based on how us Maori Iwi need to revive our culture. As we all know, less and less people are unable to speak Maori. And many people are doing as much as they can to help revive and save our culture once and for all.
Whakaorangia to tatou reo me te tikanga !

I'm A Prefect by Mika

Yesterday we had a special assembly. Mrs Vickers told all the Prefects to go up. Heilala announced the new Prefects for 2017. It was me, Saluselo and Katrina. I was very happy that I was a Prefect. When I went home My mother and father were very proud of me.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Description of a Character by Sophie-Isabella

Sophie-Isabella received a Principal's Award for her writing today.
A Gentle Touch
As I walked to school every day I couldn’t stop but notice a kind smile which touched my gentle heart. All alone as he stood there without a single hope in him. People judging him because of his appearance,  when really he was a harmless old man just barely surviving.

It was like his soul was young at heart. My heart dropped as he stood there smiling just wishing for a miracle to happen. He didn't have a care in the world about himself but for the community and the environment itself. That was just how generous his heart was.

One school day, in particular I saw him like always on my walk to school. He stood across the street by the shops next to a little girl whose rainbow lollipop had fallen on the road, crushed by a car's heavy wheel. My heart melted as he returned from the shop with a replacing lollipop given the little money he had. That day I learned you didn’t have to have all the money in the world to put a smile on a face, as long as you had a pure heart like his.

Meeting The NZ Breakers by Mika

On Wednesday 17th November me, Samuel, Aydrian, Quros, Timote Junior, Sione, Dakbai, Min Zin, Popi and Pepe went to see the Breakers training center. We left school at 9:30am. Everyone was excited. When we arrived it started raining so we ran inside. It was massive. We could hear the squeaking of our shoes. After the training we all received a free basketball and a 25 minute lesson with 2 of the breakers players. We took a photo and came back to school with Mr Reid.


Thursday, 24 November 2016

Testing Is Over! πŸ“„ by Jack Daniel

Today was the very last day of testing for 2016. We had so many tests like the E-asttle Writing Test, B.U.R.T Reading Test, Probe Reading Test, Measurement Maths Test, Algebra Maths Test and a couple more.

For the tests (Measurement and Algebra), I had the top mark. For the Measurement Test I had 39/40 and for the Algebra Test I had 32/40. However for the other tests I don't know what my results are yet.

I hope I receive a good mark for other tests.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Duffy Award by Tyla

On Monday I received a Duffy book for scoring 10/10 in my reading test with Mrs Golder. Mrs Vickers had said to choose a boy and a girl although Mrs Golder chose me and Athens instead. I got to personally pick out my book since I received what was suppose to be the boys book. In the end I chose a book  titled 'Beswitched'. It's really interesting so far - about a girl who was summoned by girls from the past on her way to her new boarding school. And I am really glad to have received this award, because it's probably the best book Iv'e read in a long time.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

No Longer Cold Winter Days ☔ by Sophie-Isabella

  Cold days are gone and no more wishing warmers days are here. Now we can enjoy the beautiful Spring days where students are cheerful and happiness is in the air. As we have Sports every lunchtime to enjoy with our peers. 

More time outside and less time monitoring the junior rooms. Having the chance to do more activities and our upcoming Athletics just a day away the weather has helped a lot towards our practices. The warm weather filling the air as a cold breeze comes by, doesn't it just make you feel happy.

  Maybe the weather will stay fine for our School Athletics day and for the many upcoming events to come.  

Click Here For More Photos

Friday, 18 November 2016

Description of a Setting by Tyla

Tyla received a Principal's Award for her writing.
The Magical Woods
A gush of cold breeze softly blew through the Magical Woods. Dim light streamed in through the towering trees. Not a sound was to be heard other than the delicate peacefulness of birds chirping away, as if they were singing good morning. The spacious area in the middle of the woods was at its calmest, but not for long.

The buzzing of the bees and busy squirrels interrupted the silence. Scattering up and down the tall trees collecting nuts went a squirrel, followed by a few more. The poor and helpless bees dashed through the Magical forest desperately seeking flowers for their queen. But as for the crickets, they slept smoothly through all the racket, gently snoring.

Soon midday came and the cold breeze became heavier. The wind howled fiercely, hurling dirt into the air and gathering the fallen leaves at the same time. Great dark clouds overlooked the Magical forest wanting to pour down rain on the beautiful forests sight. Luckily it passed and by night the forest retained its quiet self. 37648508-pictures-of-forest.jpg

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

R12 Manaiakalani Movie by Maranatha, Pallas and Anavea

Thoughts were shared, decisions were made. Walking up and down hills and hearing students moan because we had to repeat scenes were challenges we faced. It took time and  effort to complete it.

Our movie is related to our Olympic Inquiry Learning from Term 3.

It is about a drink, fresh from Ruapotaka School tap that gives you energy, is a mixture that gives you less cravings, better digestion,  ability to concentrate more -  that’s just by drinking it.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Where's Mrs Golder? by Heilala

On Monday, Mrs Golder was absent. Everyone was asking each other, "Where's Mrs Golder?" After fitness Mrs Vickers came down to split us up. I was  put into Room 9. It was very odd without Mrs Golder. Everything was messy because we were use to Mrs Golder's routine. While I was in Room Nine, Tyla and I taught a few maths strategies to Room Nine. We thought to ourselves "Why not teach the class a more efficient way to solve a maths problem." While teaching the students we noticed that they were enjoying themselves. Miss Misela had a really big smile on her face because her class was learning year 8 maths strategies. I quite enjoyed being in Room 9 for the day and I hope that all the other classes did too.

Mrs Pine's Math Lesson! by Meana

A few weeks ago Mrs Pine came in take us for a maths lesson - it was statistics. Some students from Rooms 11 and Room 12 selected to have this lesson with Mrs Pine and the rest were with Mrs Vickers. We were told to split into four groups. In my group were myself, Marantha, Sione, Athens and Meafou. It was very frustrating because no one in our group knew what to do especially me but I thought they all did a very good job sharing their ideas. 

Friday, 28 October 2016

I Wish I Wasn't Sick! by Athens

The other week all the seniors and juniors went to the Botanic Gardens. I was so excited! But I ended up being sick. 

That day I woke up extra early to get ready. I wasn't feeling great when I woke up. I woke up to a sore stomach. While I was getting ready I felt like vomiting but I ignored it and thought it would go away - unfortunately it didn't.

My mum then took us to the bakery to buy us some yummy treats. After we bought the food we went back into the car. I felt like I was going to vomit any second and I did. I vomited all over my mum's car. Some of the vomit touched the food that we bought. It wasn't a pretty sight.

I kept on vomiting throughout out the day so I didn't go to school for at least three days. It was really boring. I'm happy that I'm feeling well now.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Practice, Practice, Pratice by Sophie-Isabella

As we all know Term 4 is the busiest terms of them all. Test are coming up and we have to work harder for the next new year.We are all studying and preparing for our upcoming assessments.

Some of the year 8 students will soon be heading off to College and be developing more on their learning: a new year, new opportunities  to face.

Time to set goals for our next year to focus on and attempt to succeed. Hopefully College treats our Year 8's right next year.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Exploring The Botanic Gardens by Sophie-Isabella

Our school had the opportunity to visit the wide variety of plant life at the Botanic Gardens. We all had worksheets to fill out where we had to explain what they are and a little description of the plants.

We passed through the Rock Garden near the lake to get to the Urban trees where we found our first answer. Next we followed the signs to get to the Native ID Trail where we spent most of our time searching for answers.

We all learnt lots of things we had not known before. But we only had a few minutes left which we used to admire the Rose Garden.

By the end of our trip most of us were exhausted from walking around all day. We enjoyed our day very much and look forward to our next visit to the Botanic Garden.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

It's Finally Our Last Term by Anavea

We're finally back from our two weeks holiday and it's the last term of the year. It's the time where we have our end of the year assessments and I'm pretty excited about it but worried about getting a low score. Goodbye intermediate, hello college!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Skipping by Athens

Nearly this whole term we have been working on our skipping! 

On Thursday we performed it in front of our parents and Room 11. It was a really fun time. We had our own individual groups. Sophie, Pallas, Tyla and Meana was in my group. We came up with alot of good tricks. Most of our tricks included the long rope. My group only did a couple of acts then we stopped and just watched Heilala's group. 

One of my favourite tricks were when Aydrian did a cartwheel into the skipping rope. It was super cool, I wish I could do that! My second favourite trick was when Anavea and Maranatha did push ups inside of the skipping rope. It was an overall really good day.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Skipping Display 2016 by Tyla

Yesterday we had our 2016 skipping display. It started off with the junior and senior skip off to see who can skip and last the longest. It went on for quite a while but later on Room 9 couldn't jump much longer, leaving Room 12 the champions. Not many parents came to our skipping display so we just showcased our skipping skills in front of Room 11. It was really fun watching everybody show off what they can do with a skipping rope and even though, I was just twisting the ropes I became really tired.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Congratulations Meana!

Meana came second in the Year 7 Girls' School Cross Country Race. Here's her account of the event:

Our Cross Country
On Wednesday we had our cross country race. Mrs Pederson called us to start our run. When we started I was so nervous I couldn't move at all. I  felt so exhausted after my first lap but I still kept my pace and ran until the end. I thought that everyone tried very hard at cross country.

Congratulations Lupe! You're a Winner

Lupe came first in the Year 7 Girls' School Cross Country Race. Here's her story:

The School Cross Country Wednesday 14th of September was when we had our school cross country race. It would have been a week earlier but we weren't  allowed at our school because of the Asbestos testing. I think everyone tried their best. It's unfortunate that we cannot go to the inter-school cross country race because of the situation caused by the asbestos testing. 

Thrid Place For Cross Country by Timote Junior

For the past few weeks we have been pratising running for the cross country race. When the real cross country came all the boys and girls ran around the school. We did three laps and then we ran around the field once. Finally, we bolted to the finish line. When I saw the finish line I dashed to it and I came third place.

School Shutdown! by Sophie-Isabella

Last week our school was being tested for asbestos, a deadly fiber if tampered with. We weren't allowed in our classes so the school was shutdown for a week. 

The next day there were 3 buses waiting for us so that we could be transferred to Tamaki Primary. They welcomed us with a powhiri performed by their School's Kapa Haka group. We were then informed on where we would be for the rest of the week. We didn't have the resources we usually worked with so we just had to go day by day. 

I can't wait to be back in our classroom and have all our resources back. 

2nd At Cross Country by Quros

On Wednesday afternoon we had our school Cross-Country Race and yeah in the title it says, "2nd At Cross Country", so that means I came 2nd place.

First off the year 1's - 7's started then us the year 8's. When we went to the start we all got ready except for me, because I was too busy posing in front of the camera but out of nowhere I heard, "GO."  Everyone started running but I was still posing, so I quickly looked to the right and everyone was gone so I darted as fast as I could to catch up with runners, then in no time I caught up. We had to do 3 laps. In the middle of the race I felt so tired, that I felt I was going to faint. At the end I passed my friend Maranatha. As I was running around the field I could hear everyone saying " GO QUROS!!!" So I ran as fast as I could towards the finish line and I got there. YAY!! I felt exhausted after that race and I was also excited that I placed 2nd.

Here is a few pictures throughout the whole race!!
Link To Pictures Below:)

Special Award by Maranatha

While all the Ruapotaka students were sitting in the Duffy assembly, Mrs Pederson requested  all the teachers to choose a hard working student from their class to receive an award (a book and a certificate). As I was trying to get comfortable sitting on the ground, Mrs Golder chose me. I was so happy, I felt like I was a model walking up! Hopefully I get more awards throughout the year. (I was the only one looking at Mrs Golder's camera).

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Basketball by Athens

After fitness on a Tuesday morning my class had to go to the court to learn how to play basketball. When we arrived at the court we all sat down in a line and learnt more about basketball, for example, the height of a proper basketball hoop. 

We started off with a warm up which just consisted of us running up and down the areas that had cones. After our little warm up we started learning basketball moves. We learnt how to jump stop, protect the basketball with our arm, bend our legs, dribble and many other useful skills that we needed to know. I had such a blast learning how to play proper basketball and I'm sure the others had a blast as well.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Kahurangi by Tyla

A few weeks ago a group called Kahurangi - People Of The Pacific, came to our school and performed traditional island dances. They taught us the greetings for the countries they were doing a dance to and told us a bit about each island. The show was really funny especially when the Kahurangi performers asked for volunteers. Mr Sok, Quros and Saluselo had to copy a few steps with the taiaha which was so funny, my face was turning bright red from laughter. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Netball Tournament By Maranatha

Last week on Wednesday, our school netball team went to the AMI Netball Courts to proudly represent Ruapotaka School. Running from side to side, throwing the ball to our teammates and shooting the ball in the hoop were fun but tiring at the same time. After a lot of rounds of games, the netball tournament was finally finished. We were good enough to be placed third and came back to school happy!

Back Row: Maranatha (me), Anavea, Heilala, Samuel and Quros
Front Row: Sione, Sophie-Isabella, Meana, Lupe, and Mika

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Olympic Teams Must Be Chosen By James

On Monday at our senior syndicate assembly the leaders for the school Mini Olympics had to pick the teams out of a container. There were 16 teams to choose from. My team is Japan because Tyla the leader pulled it out of the container.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Just Doing My Job by Quros

"Just Doing My Job"
This afternoon I helped my friends Heilala and Sophie-Isabella create a video for Netball. It was fun, funny and annoying because we kept on restarting our video over and over again. When we finished we were impressed then we took a photo. After we went back to class and showed our teacher ( Mrs Golder ), she was impressed too. 

Monday, 8 August 2016

First Senior Syndicate Assembly by Tyla

Monday was the first senior syndicate assembly for this term. We had an assembly based practically on the Olympics. It was pretty long because the countries were drawn out of a hat (container) for the mini Olympics at the end of this term. The country I will be representing is Japan. 
Rachael also came in to present the prizes, for the people who participated in her Winter Learning Journey blogging. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

Winter Learning Journey! by Sophie-Isabella

Last term Rachel from Auckland University came to tell us about the Winter learning Journey she had created for all Manaiakalani Schools. The site had fun activities we had to complete. But before we could start our work we had to register. The theme was the Rio Olympics and different items of the Olympics over the years.

The site required us to blog and Rachel blogging back to us. The participants who joined the activities received certificates. From each school there were three winners who soon received prizes in a school assembly.

Can't wait till the next activities. This will happen during the Christmas holidays.

Monday, 1 August 2016

First Day Back by Athens

Last week was the first week back at school. I was really excited to come back to school and see my friends but I was also very sad that we had to come back to school. The first day back I felt very weird mostly because I haven't seen my classmates and my teacher for two whole weeks! We also had an assembly and Mrs Golder picked me to receive a Duffy book. The reason was because I read in the holidays. The book is called 39 Clues - it's an investigation book and inside it there were six cards that I had to use to figure out the mystery. I really enjoyed the book!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Thank You Vector Arena

Here's Meana's View of her Vector Arena Outing:

Last Week Athens, Azahar, Lupe and me were chosen from our class to go to the Vector Arena!!! .We had so much fun that we didn't want to leave Vector. The manager took us for a tour to show us what they actually do - we went to so many different rooms that it was like a maze. At the end of the tour we finally went back to the Basketball Room to have our wonderful morning tea. While we were having morning tea they were handing out prizes at the same time. Some from Room Nine and Ten received one and so did I and sadly that was the end of our tour.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Speech Preparation by Maranatha

Hearing pens writing on paper, to noisy typing on chromebooks and now... repeated paragraphs! What else is there to have some peace and quiet around here? Yes, we've made it to speech preparation week and all I've written down are two words, "The End".
I wasn't prepared with any of this except acting like Sleeping Beauty in bed, so my afternoon schedule is now signed for 'practice speech' instead of eating out of the fridge. Hopefully I get into the finals... if I actually get more than two words.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Back At Snag Golf by Quros

Last week on Friday our first Coach Jay was sick so we had another coach and joining us was Coach Danny. For today's lesson we were taught how to chip the ball over, in or onto something. We were all split up into groups of 3 and 2, I was with my friend Meana. I really  enjoyed chipping the ball.  It was very interesting. Me and Meana were working together as a TEAM. We both did some communicating, sharing and being fair. Snag Golf was amazing and I can't wait until next week's Snag Golf lesson.

Vector Arena by Athen

A few weeks ago a group of us went to Vector Arena. 

At Vector Arena we had to play this game where we had to answer all the questions on a sheet of paper and our guide would sneakily tell us the answers but we had to be listening. 
We went inside dressing rooms, the arena, a basketball team's dressing room and many other places. 
One of my favourite places was the room with a lot of famous people's signatures in it. After the tour we had to go back to the basketball court for morning tea. For morning tea we had a wrap, chips, juice box and a fruit salad. I really enjoyed this! 

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Thank You Terry Jarvis byQuros

Last week on Thursday morning my teacher Mrs Golder told me to write a small Thank You Card or Poster to our school Book Sponsor, Terry Jarvis. As I started Mrs Golder told me that my deadline was at 12:00 pm Friday.

When Friday came I did completely nothing but small drawings, I only had three hours left until I had to finish it, so I tried very hard to not be distracted by my classmates. There were a few times I became distracted.  It was from all the Fun activities that the class was doing but I got back to work. I was nearly finished. I only had a few minutes left before I  had to hand it in. I tried my best to finish it fast. I finished and I went to Mrs Golder in the room next door to show her and she was very impressed. After she took a picture, I had to hand it in quick, I only had a few seconds left so I bolted as fast as I could to hand it to a teacher, Mrs Pederson. When I walked into the office Mrs Pederson told me that I only had 1 minute left. She saw it, and she and another teacher were also impressed as well.

This is how it turned out:

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A Beautiful Day To Garden! by Pallas

Yesterday afternoon we did gardening. We planted lots of different kinds of plants in our garden! The main purpose was to get students to value and look after their environment! Not only that but also to have new plants in our garden and of course to help mother earth. I know that my class had definitely made a good choice with the type of plants that we chose. It suited our class heaps!! We were even nice enough to give some of our plants to the other class. 

All we have to do now is wait for our plants to grow! 

Displaying IMG_5001.JPG
Displaying IMG_5001.JPG
Displaying IMG_5001.JPG

Friday, 3 June 2016

Buddy Reading by Mika

On Tuesday we did buddy reading with Room 7. It was really fun doing it again. I was with Ka, he was reading a narrative about a lady who lost her glasses. I really enjoyed reading with my buddy.

No Bees, No Trees, No Me! by Pallas

A few days ago we learnt the importance of saving the population of our bees. But not only that, we also learnt how important they are to us. Without them we will die because their pollination plays a huge role in our food chain. I also learnt that if honey bees die, human society will follow in four years. That's why my class are stepping out and sharing the word! That we need to do something about the extinction of our honey bees!

BeeFlower Surroundings.jpg