Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Crossing Safely By Talita

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In the past young people, and even some adults were badly injured  in accidents and even closely to being dead. Back then road rules really didn’t exist. 

Young children had been risking their  lives chasing after balls and being unsupervised when crossing the road. There  were gravel roads which  had been a hazard to cars. Today with modern cars  people are speeding , texting and drinking around areas where children are playing.

But today pedestrian crossing is safer and better and  there are less accidents than before. Vests and jackets have become more noticeable for cars to see. Rules and laws  have been made to create this world a safer place. School patrols keep children safe by getting the little children across the road sensibly.

There are road lights to keep us safe when we cross the road. Adults make sure children are safe by getting them to: STOP,LOOK and LISTEN out for cars and traffic!! Road signs are great things that warn drivers about a school ahead.