Thursday, 26 February 2015

School Prefects

Prefects 2015
We are the prefects and we all have responsibilities. All of us have been chosen because we show leadership and encouragement. Our school depends on us to look after the young ones. To become a prefect you have to show the teachers that you deserve the role.
One of the prefect’s job is to solve people’s problems. Other duties of a prefect are to help others, listen to the teachers,  to change people’s attitude, to use polite words, to be a good citizen, to be honest, and take turns. All these things are related to what  prefects do to look after our school.

Our attitude has to be positive. We have to be fair to everyone around us. Prefects have to have discipline. We make sure everyone has to think first before they act, treat others like you want to be treated, be better than before and remember ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS!!

Always use your W.I.T.S:
W- Walk away
I- Ignore
T- Tell someone
S- Stand up for yourself
By Damien, Sini, Mika, Ofa, Suliasi and Quros

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Class of 2015

We are the senior students of Ruapotaka School. Room 12 has 11 girls and 8 boys in total. Mrs. Golder is our teacher in our class. We are all year eight students who enjoy learning. When we work on our devices we always Learn, Create, Share our creations on our blogs.
Everyone in Room 12 is very kind and has a lot of good friends. We are very good leaders and we follow the rules. Our class has two prefects and another two to come. We enjoy laughing, smiling and having a good time with Mrs. Golder. We are all well presented students. We are all unique and special in different ways. We are a mixed cultural class. We are good volunteers. We have a positive attitude to most things.
Mrs. Golder teaches us the academic words which will be very useful in the future. We enjoy being a cybersmart class. We use our netbooks as a learning tool. Our netbooks are essential to our learning!

Written by the year eight students: Simon, Mika, Miria, Melelose and Damien.