Friday, 6 July 2018

The NZ Icon by Henry

Okay, I know, I'm making a pointless blog post about a bike. I don't want to explain how a bike can become a NZ I won't.

Anyway, you think I'm going to copy and paste a Newshub post, right? Not really, I'm actually going to write about what I feel about this and tell you whether I like it or not.

Great "Icon." Am I right? No. I mean, look at that man! That "bike" won't even function properly, and please don't tell me there is going to be someone riding on it. literally?.  I mean, come on.

I know NZ is that inventive but not like this! I still wonder if it's stable enough to even go as fast as a person running. What do you think of that?

But as much as I would want to laugh to death about this invention, my emotions for this are...


Still kind of creative.

Image Link and ACTUAL Post

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Good Bye Miss Raj πŸ’ by Liza

Sadly we have come to the end of term two, with a wonderful teacher leaving our school. Miss Raj is a teacher who teaches year three and four. She has taught at Ruapotaka Primary for 13 years πŸ’ teaching students new things everyday to help them improve their learning skills.

We will miss you Miss Raj I hope you have a good time at your new school.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Work At Night At Hira Bhana by Sosiua

At night I go to work with my dad and we work at Hira Bhana. We do some planting on the farm so we can provide the markets with vegetables and some fruit.
I can drive a tractor while my dad, uncles, and cousins select the ripe fruits and vegetables. After the adults have their turn at picking the fruit and vegetables we have our chance to prove that we can correctly pick the food supplies for the markets,  as well as letting  the adults have a break.

Going Hunting With My Uncle! by Solomone

In the holidays I went down to Palmerston North to stay with my uncle until the holidays finished. I was so excited to go. I went by car with my uncle's girlfriend's family. After the long drive we finally arrived at our destination .My nieces came out and they were so happy that we came.

My uncle asked me if I wanted to go bush hunting - to go kill a deer on the mountains. My reply was yes and I was so excited and nervous at the same time. 

 The next day me and my uncle got ready and were picked up by his boss and we traveled to somewhere far. When we got there,  my uncle and his boss grabbed their rifles. We walked up hills and down hills. We even went through bushes. We waited on a high mountain and I got to hold my uncle's gun. It was very cold and it seemed like it was about to snow. 

We couldn't find a deer so we went back the way we came. It was a great experience. 

Hip Hop Off by Alexandra

Today was the day we showcased our dance moves. Each group from different classes have been selected to show off their own dances or the dances that they have been taught from our instructor, Jess. The people who were chosen to dance had to practice hard to be better than before.

This afternoon in the multipurpose room the whole school watched all the dances. The best dance group I liked was Room Twelve because the dancers added different unique  moves to the dance which they put together themselves. They looked amazing.

But the funniest one I liked was Room Six because they just made me laugh.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Reading Test by Liza

On Tuesday I had my first reading test with Mrs Golder. I was scared that I might move down a level. When I started my test I read a story called,  "Captain Kirk" silently, then had to read it out loud to her. When I had finished reading the story, the teacher gave me a lot of questions which I had to answer. Some were easy and some were hard. When I finished my test I was pleased and happy that I had moved up a level.

Monday, 2 July 2018

We Are Honored To Be Your Students, Dancing Sensei by Henry

If you are reading this Jess, we of Room 12 would like to thank you for going out of your way to teach us hip hop moves for 6 weeks. They have been an amazing time.

In the past few weeks, we have developed confidence, style and last of all, had fun! This has been fantastic for us because we were able to create our own dancing routines and we will continue with this. We all hope we will meet you again in the future.

With great honor,