Thursday, 22 October 2015

Miria's 2015 Winning Speech: Be a Successful Student

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View and listen to Miria's advice on preparing for College life.

Music Can Drift You Anywhere! by Damien

Music has its ups and downs. But the most noticeable factor is the fame and fortune! Our school had welcomed a visitor to explain to us how music is the road to your future. The visitor is from our local area and his name came to fame when he was recorded on national T.V.! Tyrone Toka has won a few competitions. We hope to see him win the semi-finals on Homai Te Pakipaki! Good Luck Tyrone!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Receiving Principals Award by Miria

On Friday I received a Principals award for my narrative. It was an autobiography about me being a Tiger in the circus. Read my narrative below and my brainstorm ideas.

7.0  Narrative

In Black Beauty a horse tells the story.  Imagine you  are a bear, tiger or a sea lion and you have been captured for a circus.  Tell your story (150-200 words)  and use the guidelines below to help you brainstorm your ideas.
7.1  Who are you?  _tiger _____
7.2  Where did you live? _Africa_____
7.3  When and how were you captured? __ I was tranquillised and taken on the back of a truck to the circus____
7.4  Who were the people involved? __A group of Safari hunters____
7.5  What were the problems you faced? _ I got whipped, and tormented because I wasn't getting the act right_____
7.6  How did you overcome them? __I practiced and practiced until the circus owners were satisfied____
7.7  What happened at the end? _I became the star of the Circus Finanza_____
7.8  Are you happy or sad?  Why? _Happy, because I can understand why the circus owner were getting frustrated for and I am a star now_____
Now write your narrative. _______
    The Circus Finanza

I was munching on a fresh carcass in the hot African sun. It was a bit annoying because flies were getting in my face and they were attracted to the strong stench lurking around the carcass. Everything was going great when things took a turn for the worst. THONK! a tranquillizer dart pierced my thigh. I was feeling drowsy then suddenly I collapsed.

  My eyes opened slightly but everything was blurred. “Where am I?” I roared with panic in my voice. I tried to move but I was stuck under a thick net. Suddenly I heard multiple footsteps and voices getting closer.

“George get that carnivore into the circus tent and start training him at once!”
“Okay”, called George. He came in and lifted the net off me gently. He threw chunks of meat near my paws before he put a leash around my neck and guided me into the circus tent.

 It was a painful process learning how to do the circus acts properly but I became the star of the Circus Finanza.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Congratulations to Miria: Winner of Year 7/8 Speech Competition

Winning Speech Finals

I was up and the nerves were getting to me. I pulled myself together, took a deep breath and started my speech.

I finished my speech off with a great quote for students to think about. "You get out of college what you put in". I hadn't considered coming first in the Speech Finals and I thought I'd come third. I had no faith in myself but Mrs.Golder reassured me I could take this out.

The places were getting called from third to first place. My name hadn't been called yet and I thought I hadn't come anywhere. First place was getting called out by Miss Ginders. "And in first place we have......... Miria" she announced. I walked to the front and claimed my award. I was applauded and complimented by students and teachers.

I was over the moon and proud of myself for achieving the award and so were my parents.
By Miria