Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Thank You Vector Arena

Here's Meana's View of her Vector Arena Outing:

Last Week Athens, Azahar, Lupe and me were chosen from our class to go to the Vector Arena!!! .We had so much fun that we didn't want to leave Vector. The manager took us for a tour to show us what they actually do - we went to so many different rooms that it was like a maze. At the end of the tour we finally went back to the Basketball Room to have our wonderful morning tea. While we were having morning tea they were handing out prizes at the same time. Some from Room Nine and Ten received one and so did I and sadly that was the end of our tour.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Speech Preparation by Maranatha

Hearing pens writing on paper, to noisy typing on chromebooks and now... repeated paragraphs! What else is there to have some peace and quiet around here? Yes, we've made it to speech preparation week and all I've written down are two words, "The End".
I wasn't prepared with any of this except acting like Sleeping Beauty in bed, so my afternoon schedule is now signed for 'practice speech' instead of eating out of the fridge. Hopefully I get into the finals... if I actually get more than two words.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Back At Snag Golf by Quros

Last week on Friday our first Coach Jay was sick so we had another coach and joining us was Coach Danny. For today's lesson we were taught how to chip the ball over, in or onto something. We were all split up into groups of 3 and 2, I was with my friend Meana. I really  enjoyed chipping the ball.  It was very interesting. Me and Meana were working together as a TEAM. We both did some communicating, sharing and being fair. Snag Golf was amazing and I can't wait until next week's Snag Golf lesson.

Vector Arena by Athen

A few weeks ago a group of us went to Vector Arena. 

At Vector Arena we had to play this game where we had to answer all the questions on a sheet of paper and our guide would sneakily tell us the answers but we had to be listening. 
We went inside dressing rooms, the arena, a basketball team's dressing room and many other places. 
One of my favourite places was the room with a lot of famous people's signatures in it. After the tour we had to go back to the basketball court for morning tea. For morning tea we had a wrap, chips, juice box and a fruit salad. I really enjoyed this!