Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Syndicate Assembly!! by Saluselo

On Monday, the 26th of February, we had a syndicate assembly hosted by Room 10. It was a really funny and wonderful experience for me.

Kate hosted the dance battle and called up the contestants to the floor. From Room 9 were Iosefo and Pita. From Room 10 were Kymani and Alamone. Both Rooms were (for me) dancing hard core but in the end, Room 10 won this battle and still the game wasn't over!

From Room 12 were Pupuke and Leaaepeni. There was a lot of humor in their dance. The  battle was over and Room 10 won. It was fun!

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Teko Teko! by Solomone

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Last week for art we had to draw a Teko Teko. A Teko Teko is a Maori word for a  carved human form (either the whole body or head), either freestanding or attached to the gable of a whare (house).

While we were drawing our teacher showed us an example from the year 8 from last year.  Minzin's drawing was by far the best. When we finished drawing it Mr Reid stapled it on the wall. On Friday I received a Principal's Award for the Teko Teko. I was so contented.

This Week's Testing by Mary

Testing, Testing, Testing, we are now heading towards nervousness. Right? As always teachers need to find out how well we are doing in our learning and what we have learnt in the past year. Today we started off with e-asttle writing test. Next we're going to have our maths test. 

Monday, 26 February 2018

Summer Learning Journey by Pupuke

On Friday the 22nd a very special guest, named Rachel, came to our school to announce the participants and the winners of the Summer Learning Journey blogging.  There were 8 people who participated and there were 4 winners. Coming in third place were two people who scored exact same points as each other which and they were Kotipi and Riiana. Coming second place was Riiana's brother Frank, and in first place was me. 

Rachel was very proud of all the people who had participated and partook in the holiday blogging program.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Back To School by Tupouseini

Finally it's 2018 and I'm so excited to see my friends and class mates. As I was walking to school I felt nervous because I just remembered that I am a year eight. As an intermediate student there are high expectations for me because the whole school looks up to the older seniors. We have to be good role models.

This year I am going to set my goals higher and I'm going to try and be better than before. I am apprehensive for week 6 because we have our Manaiakalani test which is writing. I hope I do well.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Meet The Prefects Of 2018

Kia Ora! My name is Katrina and I’m the head prefect of Ruapotaka School. Being a head prefect means I have to take on more responsibilities than the other 5 prefects combined. I, as head prefect, have to be an excellent role model to all students. I also have to make sure the other prefects are in shape and that they are doing their personal jobs properly. This year is probably going to be very sad because it is my last year as head prefect at this school.

Talofa! My name is Saluselo and I am a year eight student at Ruapotaka School. As a prefect, the title comes with great responsibilities. I am a sports person and I consider myself being an artist. My sister was a prefect too so I should say that prefect blood is in me. It is my last year so I should give it my all as a prefect.

Hi my name is Pupuke, and I am a year eight prefect at Ruapotaka School. As a prefect me and my fellow prefects have to show extreme leadership and be a great role models for our school. We have many goals and tasks to complete together and as individuals. Being a prefect has changed the way I do things in regular living. I have noticed that my actions, my interaction with people online and my fellow classmates have changed. Given the opportunity to be prefect is such a privilege and an honor.

Hello I am Riiana, a year seven prefect. Being a prefect comes with a lot of responsibility which is pretty nerve wracking. As a prefect you’ll be seen as a person to be looked up to so you can’t afford to make many mistakes. I am excited for the future as a prefect even though I’m also nervous about it. I hope my brother becomes a prefect with me too.

Hola, My name is Leanah. I am an intermediate student at Ruapotaka School. I have been chosen to be one of the prefects. Being a prefect means a lot to me because I can act as an idol to other students. I savor the time I have with my friends before we go off to college. Being a prefect has changed my perspective on some things in my life. Although being a prefect is a privilege I like to be treated equally. As an individual I have a lot of goals to achieve, and a lot of responsibilities to carry out.

Talofa! My name is Jessica. I am currently a year seven student at Ruapotaka School. I play a big role at Ruapotaka, I am a prefect. As a prefect have to be a positive role model but that doesn’t stop me from having fun. Being a prefect has definitely changed my perspective on some things in my life,  like how people act towards me. I’ve noticed that people are more friendly with me and a bit more formal. I like to be treated equally as a friend and as a prefect.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Prefects for 2018

Katrina, Head Prefect is supported by her fellow Prefects: Saluselo, Pupuke, Leanah, Riiana and Jessica.