Monday, 31 August 2015

Nae Nae Dance Competition

Last week two contestants from each classroom in the Senior School competed in the Nae Nae Dance Competition in the Syndicate Assembly. In Room 12, Sini and Estah teamed up to demonstrate their skills and moves. The loudest applause went to them and as a result they won. Watch their interpretation of the Nae Nae dance.


Duffy Award goes to Miria!

On Monday I received a Duffy award for Caught Being Good. I received two books as well as a certificate, that stated that I “had excellent comprehension skills”. The title of my books are ‘Camp Rock’ and ‘SOMUCH2DO.’  I was surprised that I was chosen to receive the award. I was applauded by the whole school. I was asked to stay up at the front of the assembly and I was acknowledged by Mrs Vickers for my role as a Manaiakalani Ambassador.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Miria's Speech Presentation

We are proud of Miria and her important role as Mananakalani Ambassador. She presented her speech  on her digital classroom learning to the many visitors who gathered for the Manaiakalani Hui held on Friday August 21 at the Panmure Yacht Club. Click to watch her performace.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Madd Messenger

“You can do anything to change yourself.” We heard these wise words from Petia Wilson. He hosted the Madd Messenger show and encouraged us to make good choices and decisions that could change our lives.
By Damien

Inter-school Netball Competition 2015

Schools all ready, referees steady, the whistles blow like a confetti. We versed heaps of schools. We won all our games but unfortunately we lost in the finals against Sylvia Park School. Even though we didn’t come first we were all overjoyed. We came second. Yay!   At the end of the day we did our school proud. 

Written by Simon, Raniera, Elizabeth, Estah, Sini, Ofa and Miria
Intermediate Netball Team: 
Back: Quros, Chance, Raniera, Simon.
Front: Heilala, Estah, Miria, Ofa, Elizabeth, Sini.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Spooky adapted by Chance and Magdalen

Using their WALT: Discuss ideas and information that are communicated not so clearly and to make inferences by taking and using several pieces of information that are related in the text, the Plums Reading Group had to: Turn a poem into a narrative .
This is their interpretation of the poem.

Here is the original poem.
(Source: School Journal Part 2, Number 3, 2002)