Friday, 25 November 2016

Description of a Character by Sophie-Isabella

Sophie-Isabella received a Principal's Award for her writing today.
A Gentle Touch
As I walked to school every day I couldn’t stop but notice a kind smile which touched my gentle heart. All alone as he stood there without a single hope in him. People judging him because of his appearance,  when really he was a harmless old man just barely surviving.

It was like his soul was young at heart. My heart dropped as he stood there smiling just wishing for a miracle to happen. He didn't have a care in the world about himself but for the community and the environment itself. That was just how generous his heart was.

One school day, in particular I saw him like always on my walk to school. He stood across the street by the shops next to a little girl whose rainbow lollipop had fallen on the road, crushed by a car's heavy wheel. My heart melted as he returned from the shop with a replacing lollipop given the little money he had. That day I learned you didn’t have to have all the money in the world to put a smile on a face, as long as you had a pure heart like his.

Meeting The NZ Breakers by Mika

On Wednesday 17th November me, Samuel, Aydrian, Quros, Timote Junior, Sione, Dakbai, Min Zin, Popi and Pepe went to see the Breakers training center. We left school at 9:30am. Everyone was excited. When we arrived it started raining so we ran inside. It was massive. We could hear the squeaking of our shoes. After the training we all received a free basketball and a 25 minute lesson with 2 of the breakers players. We took a photo and came back to school with Mr Reid.


Thursday, 24 November 2016

Testing Is Over! πŸ“„ by Jack Daniel

Today was the very last day of testing for 2016. We had so many tests like the E-asttle Writing Test, B.U.R.T Reading Test, Probe Reading Test, Measurement Maths Test, Algebra Maths Test and a couple more.

For the tests (Measurement and Algebra), I had the top mark. For the Measurement Test I had 39/40 and for the Algebra Test I had 32/40. However for the other tests I don't know what my results are yet.

I hope I receive a good mark for other tests.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Duffy Award by Tyla

On Monday I received a Duffy book for scoring 10/10 in my reading test with Mrs Golder. Mrs Vickers had said to choose a boy and a girl although Mrs Golder chose me and Athens instead. I got to personally pick out my book since I received what was suppose to be the boys book. In the end I chose a book  titled 'Beswitched'. It's really interesting so far - about a girl who was summoned by girls from the past on her way to her new boarding school. And I am really glad to have received this award, because it's probably the best book Iv'e read in a long time.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

No Longer Cold Winter Days ☔ by Sophie-Isabella

  Cold days are gone and no more wishing warmers days are here. Now we can enjoy the beautiful Spring days where students are cheerful and happiness is in the air. As we have Sports every lunchtime to enjoy with our peers. 

More time outside and less time monitoring the junior rooms. Having the chance to do more activities and our upcoming Athletics just a day away the weather has helped a lot towards our practices. The warm weather filling the air as a cold breeze comes by, doesn't it just make you feel happy.

  Maybe the weather will stay fine for our School Athletics day and for the many upcoming events to come.  

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Friday, 18 November 2016

Description of a Setting by Tyla

Tyla received a Principal's Award for her writing.
The Magical Woods
A gush of cold breeze softly blew through the Magical Woods. Dim light streamed in through the towering trees. Not a sound was to be heard other than the delicate peacefulness of birds chirping away, as if they were singing good morning. The spacious area in the middle of the woods was at its calmest, but not for long.

The buzzing of the bees and busy squirrels interrupted the silence. Scattering up and down the tall trees collecting nuts went a squirrel, followed by a few more. The poor and helpless bees dashed through the Magical forest desperately seeking flowers for their queen. But as for the crickets, they slept smoothly through all the racket, gently snoring.

Soon midday came and the cold breeze became heavier. The wind howled fiercely, hurling dirt into the air and gathering the fallen leaves at the same time. Great dark clouds overlooked the Magical forest wanting to pour down rain on the beautiful forests sight. Luckily it passed and by night the forest retained its quiet self. 37648508-pictures-of-forest.jpg

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

R12 Manaiakalani Movie by Maranatha, Pallas and Anavea

Thoughts were shared, decisions were made. Walking up and down hills and hearing students moan because we had to repeat scenes were challenges we faced. It took time and  effort to complete it.

Our movie is related to our Olympic Inquiry Learning from Term 3.

It is about a drink, fresh from Ruapotaka School tap that gives you energy, is a mixture that gives you less cravings, better digestion,  ability to concentrate more -  that’s just by drinking it.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Where's Mrs Golder? by Heilala

On Monday, Mrs Golder was absent. Everyone was asking each other, "Where's Mrs Golder?" After fitness Mrs Vickers came down to split us up. I was  put into Room 9. It was very odd without Mrs Golder. Everything was messy because we were use to Mrs Golder's routine. While I was in Room Nine, Tyla and I taught a few maths strategies to Room Nine. We thought to ourselves "Why not teach the class a more efficient way to solve a maths problem." While teaching the students we noticed that they were enjoying themselves. Miss Misela had a really big smile on her face because her class was learning year 8 maths strategies. I quite enjoyed being in Room 9 for the day and I hope that all the other classes did too.

Mrs Pine's Math Lesson! by Meana

A few weeks ago Mrs Pine came in take us for a maths lesson - it was statistics. Some students from Rooms 11 and Room 12 selected to have this lesson with Mrs Pine and the rest were with Mrs Vickers. We were told to split into four groups. In my group were myself, Marantha, Sione, Athens and Meafou. It was very frustrating because no one in our group knew what to do especially me but I thought they all did a very good job sharing their ideas.