Friday, 18 November 2016

Description of a Setting by Tyla

Tyla received a Principal's Award for her writing.
The Magical Woods
A gush of cold breeze softly blew through the Magical Woods. Dim light streamed in through the towering trees. Not a sound was to be heard other than the delicate peacefulness of birds chirping away, as if they were singing good morning. The spacious area in the middle of the woods was at its calmest, but not for long.

The buzzing of the bees and busy squirrels interrupted the silence. Scattering up and down the tall trees collecting nuts went a squirrel, followed by a few more. The poor and helpless bees dashed through the Magical forest desperately seeking flowers for their queen. But as for the crickets, they slept smoothly through all the racket, gently snoring.

Soon midday came and the cold breeze became heavier. The wind howled fiercely, hurling dirt into the air and gathering the fallen leaves at the same time. Great dark clouds overlooked the Magical forest wanting to pour down rain on the beautiful forests sight. Luckily it passed and by night the forest retained its quiet self. 37648508-pictures-of-forest.jpg

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