Wednesday, 13 February 2019

What Did We Do Today? by Riiana

Today we had the first session of Tech of 2019. My group was with Miss Ferguson doing graphics. She had us working on a Google Drawing about ourselves. All we had to do was get pictures off the internet with a transparent background and insert it, though they had to be about what we like or are interested in.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Prefect 2019 by Sione

Malo e Lelei !  My name is Sione I am a year 7 and a Prefect in Ruapotaka School. As a Prefect I play a big part in leading other students. I am expected  to be a role model for the juniors and my classmates. My goal is to be respectful to others and show and remind them the correct things to do. As a prefect you have a lot of responsibilities such as showing students how to behave. Being a prefect means working together with the other prefects, being better than before and to have a positive attitude.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Prefect for 2019 by Riiana

It's 2019 meaning I have one year left before going to college.

As a year eight and a Prefect, I'll have to put in more effort with not just my work, but with my skills as a leader. I am absolutely not prepared for this year but what can you do? I am, however, ready to welcome this year's obstacles.

A little thing from last year, I had hoped that my brother would become a Prefect with me. Surprisingly, he is one of 2019's prefects.

This year should definitely be interesting.

Being A Prefect by Madisyn

Kia orana, my name is Madisyn and I am a year 7 Prefect at Ruapotaka School. Being a Prefect is stressful because I have a lot of responsibilities and leadership. The other prefects and I have to be great role models to all students. I am grateful for this opportunity. I have a lot of goals as a Prefect.  I am excited but at the same time nervous.

Becoming A Prefect by Agueer

Aloha and welcome back to my blog. My name is Agueer for you who don't know me. I am currently attending Ruapotaka as a year 7 in Room 12. I am 11 years old turning twelve later on in the year. I am from South Sudan but was born in New Zealand.

I probably was chosen to become a Prefect because I am bossy and kind of loud. My expectations are to be a good role model for those younger then me and also to help some people in need. When being a Prefect you must say a reminder every single week at our syndicate or whole school assembly which sounds like a tough job because you do it for the whole year. When you are a Prefect one of the biggest things you must have is responsibility. Responsibility is very important because you help the teachers and mostly the Principal.

Becoming a Prefect by Frank

Last year's 2018 prize-giving, I  was one of 4 people chosen to become a Prefect. When the school chose me I got a little nervous because I thought they were talking about somebody else (even though I am the only Frank in my school).  I was excited to be a Prefect. To be honest I was kind of scared at first but after a while I actually liked being a prefect, so for me  being a Prefect is great.

A New Year A New Me... by Leanah

Hey there I'm Leanah! I am a year 8 student at Ruapotaka School. I'm 12 years of age and love to play netball. I personally love to read books about the holocaust and gather more information about it.

I have become one of the year 8 Prefects and this year I have been given the opportunity to become a responsible Manaiakalani School Ambassador! This means I will have to work hard to create slideshows to present to teachers from other schools. 

Throughout the year I am going to work hard to try to improve myself as much as I can.