Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Tamaki College Interview and Activity Day: By Konzay

Last Wednesday we had tech at Tamaki college. After tech us Year 8's were left behind because we had a T.C interview. The year 7's had to go back to Ruapotaka with Mr Reid. Mrs Golder stayed with us. We had lots of fun at Tamaki college and there was pizza for lunch.

After we we finished our lunch we had P.E. We played badminton with students from Tamaki  college. It was lots of fun, and then we went to art with a lady that showed us her art that she designed. When we were finished art we took a photo and headed back to school in a van.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Chicken Wraps-By Agueer

Last week our cooking group made chicken wraps, and since barely anyone was there we each had our own stations to work at. That was coolWe used some varieties of vegetables, a bit of chicken, mayonnaise and added sweet chili sauce if we wanted to. It was a little challenging to make it into a wrap but once we listened to Mrs Tuipulotu properly we were able to do it.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Our Football Tournament ⚽- By Mary-Ruth

Yesterday we had a football tournament at Pt England Reserve. This year there was a year 7&8 girls team competing against other schools. Liza and I were the main strikers and the others were attackers and defenders. I had fun kicking the ball around and trying to get a goal for our team but I also loved eating all day between the games 🀣.

New Phone Number For The Police! -By Ana

There is now a new official phone number for the new zealand police.

The new number is for non-emergencies. If you have a non-emergency you should call 105 now. Police minister Stuart Nash hoping that kind of repetition will make the number as memorable as 111. The police have put a two million dollar marketing budget behind the phone number to ensure every kiwi knows it and when to call it.Image result for new number for police

The new number does not replace 111, it is still the number for emergencies. If you need to report a crime which has already happened, like a burglary or property damage and there is no threat dial 105. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

On Monday Ruapotaka met some Visitors from ERO ( Education Review Office) the man's name was Richard and the woman's name was Pam.

We first welcomed them in to our school with a fantastic greeting, then they introduced them self to us and then Sosiua told Mrs Hamilton to stand up so that she could tell us that they will be here till Thursday.

When we were done Jessica told the ERO people that they could leave while all the classes sang a song for them, after they went Jessica told the classes to go back to their class room to do some more learning.  

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

NZ Music Month-By Kate

Music month in New Zealand is a way to celebrate all the music made in New Zealand including the musicians them self. The New Zealand music month first started off as music week but by 2001 it had became a New Zealand Music Month.

I think its a good idea to have a New Zealand music month that way young musicians can express their voice with the whole country. There are going to be music gigs around the country for young musicians to come and celebrate music. I hope that more people get to make music and find a way to express it!

Monday, 13 May 2019

NZ Sign Language Week- By Jessica

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of last week Riiana, Leanah and I presented the teachers with 6 different posters based on New Zealand Sign Language Week.
Not only did we present some NZSL posters, we also made 3/6 of our own. One poster entirely made specifically for Mrs Brough, another with words the juniors commonly use and the last one filled with signs the seniors should learn based on their learning criteria.

We presented the teachers with our posters during morning tea. Riiana and Leanah did all the talking while I repeated in sign language. It was challenging and fun learning NZSL. I had to learn many different signs according to what was being said. In the video below, we are displaying two posters which we coloured in. We also printed out a small poster with medical signs for Mrs Shortland. Our first presentation was on Monday:

On Tuesday we presented the teachers with the posters we had made for the students.

Then there was another... on Wednesday Riiana and I presented Mrs Brough with her very own poster. It consisted of words such as, thank you, boss, email and other computer and manner phrases