Friday, 22 March 2019

General Knowledge-By Storm

For the past two weeks Room 12 has been writing about General knowledge. If you don't know what that is, it is information that is important and you should know by now.

General knowledge  are facts about important and interesting things. They are like bullet points but have different meanings to them. I didn't know anything about  General Knowledge before we started this.

Making Chop Suey-By Ana

This is what we made at food tech this week...
Step (1) soak vermicelli with boiling hot water
Step (2) - slice vegetables
peel and slice carrot
slice and dice broccoli
slice and dice onion
slice and dice pepper
slice and dice your meat.
Step (3) - combine all ingredients and transfer
 into a pan and fry until the meat turn brown.

Step (4) - add vermicelli in fry pan then add soy sauce and spices.

Step (5) - when cooked serve onto a plate and enjoy!

Friday, 15 March 2019

Quality Blog Comments-By Sione

I am here to talk to you about a smart relationship comment and a quality comment. This will teach you how to write a quality comment.

Positive Comments
If you want to have a positive comments you can start off by thinking of helpful,useful compliments. Positive comments can start off with a greeting or a just a give them a kind comment. Next you can give some kind suggestions that will not hurt their feelings. Positive comments are not comments that just say "I like it" or "cool"
                                                   Information or facts in your comments.
You can add information or facts in your comments in the middle if the post is talking about topic that you have studied or researched about before. You can add some information or facts yourself.

Vector Visit-By Limiteti

Ruapotaka School had a guest from Vector teach us all about how electricity is created and what electricity does when we use it.

When we use electricity it can be quite expensive to pay for but I found out that a cheaper way to use electricity is by using solar panels. The way it works is when the solar panels are on your roof or where the sun is reflecting on the solar panels, the sun shines through the solar panels and that's what makes the electricity function.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

My Goals For This Year by Konzay

Personal Goal
My goal is to be a good role-model and be responsible.

Writing Goal
My goal is to use adjective words and correct punctuation.

Reading Goal
My goal is to read words clearly and louder.

Math goals
My goal is to learn my timetables and division.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

🎡The New National Anthem!🎡 by Tristan

Today Jessica, Leaaepeni and I, created a new version of the New Zealand nationa lanthem as part of our learning. We had to clarify and change some of the words like 'nations' and 'entreat' to 'countries' and 'please'. I have to admit that Jessica rewrote most of the sentences but I still helped.

If you've read our version of the national anthem tell me what you think about it.

Road Patrols by Nurul

Today after morning-tea we saw Mr Reid and a police officer. We went where the crossing was and the police officer told us what to do. After he explained everything we should know he put the signs out.
The police officer said we had to be in buddies. My buddy was Musika. He told me to look left and right and put my left hand up. Musika said, "Signs out, check."
I said, "Clear ."
Musika said, "Cross now, signs in."
Then it was my turn,  "Signs out, check."
Musika said, "Clear.  cross now, signs in."
Afterwards we went back to class and we learned about why students should make the rules.