Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Tech Wood-Work By Konzay

Today my partners and l are doing wood-work at Tamaki Collage for Tech.

What is it?
The  object that I am going to be making out of wood is a space-car.

Why choose this one?
I really like cars so that's why l want to make this item and also because my brother likes cars too.

What is it for?
This object would be a space-car.

Who is it for?
My space-car would be for my little brother who is only 5 years old.

How will it be used?
It would be used to make my brother think that he would be in space with a car.

Where will it be used?
It would be in my brother's room on the top of the ceiling.

Is there anything l have to consider for it's safe use?
To sand-paper the side so that it won't hurt my brother.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Bing Boom Ping - Sammy V by Jessica

Yesterday afternoon Ruapotaka School had a very special visitor. His name was Sam Verlinden, but he had a street name which was Sammy V. Sam took a major in the music industry and decided to write and conduct his own songs.

He had an interesting back story. He narrated his story with actions. According to Sam, he wanted to become better at singing to impress a girl so he read everyday to find new words for lyrics.

I thought it was interesting and new having someone who chose a music career and it all started with just reading and practise. I truly think he has inspired many of us, especially the juniors to continue reading everyday.

Monday, 15 April 2019

Sweet And Sour Pork by Agueer

Sweet and sour pork was on the menu for today.

This week Faye and I collaborated and prepared a small  but delicious dish. It was a very vibrant mix of vegetables and some juicy pork. 

The sauce  had some soy sauce to golden the colour and pineapple to sweeten it up a bit more.

Overall I think this dish was one of my favorites that we have made in cooking class. 

Friday, 12 April 2019

What We're Learning In Extension Group? by Ana

Image result for juggling balls

Last Thursday our extension group was learning about the history of juggling. We had a bunch of activities involving juggling, we even got to juggle some balls. One of the activities was to write a legend about how juggling started.

Another activity we had to do was writing facts about juggling from online in to our google document. I had to share with my friend Kotipi because I didn't have a chromebook, which meant I only had to do 3 facts, while she did 4. While I was doing my work, I was learning how to do a rubik's cube.

I only got to do one side before I gave up. I felt so excited I had a chance to even try. Extension is going well with our juggling topic at the moment.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Painting by Leaaepeni

Today for our third session at Tech with Miss Ferguson, we did some painting.

It was fun being able to learn how to mix colours to create more colours. I used a paintbrush to mix yellow and blue to make green. Then red and blue to make purple and etc. I also learnt that you only need the three primary colours to make the three secondary colours. So you don't have to waste money buying hundreds of colours.

We had some time to figure out what tones were before Miss Ferguson revealed to the group what it was. The thing about tones is that it's a bit harder than having to paint casually with the colours, but, you have to mix it to make it lighter, darker or leave it the way it is.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

My First Ever Wood Joint! by Kate

Yesterday at Technicraft it was the best as it was the day that I got to cut out my first joint! It was really uneven but yet it was still okay to cut out.

I tried to make my joints even but Mr
Grundy had to cut it out and make it smooth.
As I was cutting my joint up to half way I accidentally went a bit over the marking line.

After I did that Mr Grundy smoothed out my finished joint which I could attach to my other piece of wood!

Woodwork At Tech! by Kate

Today at technicraft I was making the joints for my design. I had to make sure that my joints were alike and had the exact measurements. It took a while to draw my joints because every time I tried to draw it, it was either uneven or in the wrong spot.

It was about the 5th time I tried and got it right, then I was able to move on. I  chiselled my joints to make an effort to finish it. After that I was so happy to be able to finish my work and move on!