Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Technicraft Term 4 by Mika

Every Wednesday this term we went to Tamaki College for Tech. We had Mr Grundy as our teacher and he taught hard material. It was fun in his class. At the end, this is how our objects turned out on our last session.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Going to Tamaki College Sports Day by Don

On Friday the future year nine students of Tamaki College had a wonderful and splendid time!

After a quick ride on the Tamaki College van to Tamaki we hopped off and headed to the auditorium. There we received our team colours and were seated. There were P.E. teachers in front of us and a small stage. Everyone had been organised into teams and took off.  

The first thing we did was a teamwork game. We had blindfolds on and had to use different noises to find each other.

Our next thing was morning tea and we had a drink, muffin and a apple. Straight after that was the REC center where we played octopus and a challenging boat game. Our next team was on the prickly grass that hurt me and was also in the red hot sun. On the big field we played three games, two including teamwork. When we finished it was lunch time which was a sandwich, chips, water bottle and a chewy watch.

To finish the day off we had a NFL game (no tackling just tagging) , and a really fun and tiring tug of war. Tug of war was arranged so that team colors could verse each other. We then heard a speech and I won a prize!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Key Competencies by Miria

They are very important in Room 12. As a matter of fact they are important for the whole of Ruapotaka School. Teachers expect students to use all 5 key competencies to help you through your school years. They might seem dumb but they actually play a very big part in our lives. For example “Thinking” and “Managing” yourself and be work wise can help with your education. 

 “Thinking” is how you find information, improving it, reflecting, being creative and gathering ideas. 
“Managing Self” is how you use your time in class. So this is like managing your time in class and at home and making goals that you can achieve in the future. 
“Using Language, Symbols and Texts” is how you share your work with others in different ways. 
“Participating and Contributing”  is when you take on responsibilities confidently when you are in a group. Joining in and being fair. 
“Relating to Others” is how you mix in with people and interact with others. 

Do you have key competencies in your classroom? You could ask your principal if you can have all 5 on a wall reminding students how to behave and act. We have ours on our wall.