Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Katrina's Duffy Award: The Baby-Sitters Club #10 Logan Likes Mary Anne by Katrina

 I was chosen to receive a Duffy book because I had read in the holidays. 

 I had remembered an old saying and it was "Never judge a book by its cover." 

After thinking about that I read the blurb on the back of the book and it said, "It used to be that Mary Anne (character) had to wear her hair in braids and ask her dad before she did anything, but not anymore. Mary Anne has been growing up ... and the Baby-sitters Club members aren't the only ones who've noticed.

Logan Bruno (character) like Mary Anne! He has a dreamy southern accent, he's awfully cute --- and he wants  to join the Baby-sitters Club.

The Baby-sitters aren't sure Logan will make a good club club member and Mary Anne thinks she's  too shy for Logan. Life in the Baby-sitters Club has never been this 

complicated------ or this fun!"

 It sounded very interesting so I chose it.

Please remember this old saying when you choose a book.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Kiwi Sport Hip Hop!πŸ˜€ by Tupouseini

Today we went to our hip hop class in the Multi Purpose room. Jess, our coach, demonstrated some warm ups and we had to space out and copy her. After warming up she started the first set of her choreography. We danced to Up Town Funk by Bruno Mars. At first I was finding the dance difficult but after practicing it a few times I finally knew the dance.

My favourite part of hip hop was playing musical statue but there was a twist. Instead of walking we had to dance. I was trying not to move when the music stopped. Luckily we were allowed to blink and breathe. We were dancing to Finesse by Cardi B and Bruno Mars.

Sadly our session had to come to an end. We all had fun. We all left sweaty and tired. We couldn't wait for our next session.

πŸ“–Selecting Our Duffy Books!πŸ“– by Robati

             Image result for Goosebumps Night Of The Living Dummy 3 image            Image result for Zombie swamp  Minecraft book

Each student in our class had to select 3 different types of books that they were most interested in. The mystical book I prefer is Thor Ragnarok, which was later turned into an entertaining movie in 2017. However there were two books that I adore and they were "Zombie Swamp," a Minecraft story and "Goosebumps Night Of The Living Dummy 3." My favourite genres are horror and action books and I chose these.

Getting Up For Training... Ugh by Jessica:

Related image

During the holidays I was hanging out with my father. We did so many different "activities" together.

On a bright Monday morning my dad barged into my nan's room and woke me up. At first he gave me a fright. He then jumped on me, I couldn't breathe! "Jess, get up. We're going to the gym!" 
I looked at him tired and annoyed.

8:30 a.m
It took me a long period of time to get out of bed. I did not want to leave the warmth of my blankets. I eventually got up, brushed my teeth and got dressed. As I was putting my t-shirt over my head I felt like I was going to fall. 

I then grabbed my shoes and waited by my dad. He looked at me in a weird way so I started staring at him. After sometime, we had to leave the house. I hadn't even put my shoes on! As I sat in the car I looked outside my window day dreaming.

Once we arrived I slipped on my shoes and prepared myself for the training session that was about to begin. 

A few minutes later
It was around 9:30 a.m when my dad started his training session. We did kicksits, push ups, kettlebell swings and many other movments. The workout he had designed was fun and tiring.  

By the end of the session I was exhausted! I could barely move my arms, nor my legs. Luckily, we did some stretching otherwise I wouldn't have been able to transfer myself from inside the gym to the car!

Thursday, 10 May 2018

A Huge Storm! by Liza

On Tuesday I was watching the news. I saw that Auckland was going to be hit by a huge storm so I prepared myself. A few hours later there was an enormous storm. I was terrified because I thought that something could have happened. A tree could have fallen on my house or the roof might have flown off so I snuggled in a fluffy blanket to keep me warm and relaxed.

 As I was watching TV I heard a buzz. Then lights went out. The television switched off automatically because there was a power outage. Suddenly, I heard weird banging noises coming from my balcony so I went upstairs, hopped into my bed and fell off to sleep.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Our Daily Fitness!! by Leaaepeni

On our first day back at school we had to start running laps for our fitness. We had to jog around the entire senior block, including the basketball and netball courts. Teachers spread themselves around the block . There is one teacher (Mrs Golder) who stands at the top of the hill with her phone timing us. We only run for 10 mins and when it's over we line up where we started from.

We start the running routine at the bottom of a hill and work our way around the block. Lap by lap people would be yelled at to start running because they walk too much. Some people can keep up the pace because they are fit and they practice a lot, but some are just good runners. Most of the good runners in the senior block are from Rooms 12 and 10, and there are only a few of fit runners in Room 9.

In our daily fitness we have some rules that we have to follow. The rules are:

1. If you are a slow runner move to the left

2. If you are overtaking move slightly to the right

3. When you are tying your shoelaces, move aside.

Friday, 4 May 2018

School Assembly by Storm

On Monday we had our assembly for term two. To start off we had the NZ anthem, karakia and our school song. 

All teachers had to choose one learner  from their class to get a Duffy Award while Mrs Vickers was reading out information from her  interesting neon orange paper. As the students chose one book each we all started clapping. Room Twelve's student was Katrina, who is the head prefect. She had chosen a book called 'Logan Likes Mary Anne'. 

After that Mrs Pederson came up and gave us an impressive talk. She had told us she sang the Australian NZ anthem at the Anzac ceremony she went to. I said in my mind, ''I just studied something like that.''  

Later Mrs Vickers said her last word and said we were over our limit and it was almost time to leave school.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

These Are What Raupotaka Students Are πŸ‘ by Tupou

Ruapotaka Students Are....

1.  Fair to one another and agree to disagree in any situation.

2. Caring people who are there for you.

3. Honest to teachers and other students.

4. Cheerful and share happiness to others at all times.

5. Respectful and polite to all teachers and other students.

These are the key values that Ruapotaka students hold.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Back To School by Pupuke

Ruapotaka School has just now began their first week of Term 2, 2018. I am so thrilled to be back and keen to work hard and become better than before at school.

The senior block has inter-school soccer this term, and I'm hoping that we have a wide range of people to participate.

Last year's team was great.We had tied for first place with a school called Stonefields.

I am sure many people have been practicing to see if they can make the team and represent our school.

I'm looking forward to the end of the term to see  who has placed first in our school houses. Last term the house that won was yellow. The students were allowed to go outside and have an extra ten to fifteen minutes of play.

I am also excited to see what class my group and I will go to next in Tech after we complete our cooking classes. Our cooking teacher said that we might have three to four weeks of cooking left before we change to the nest one.