Thursday, 23 June 2016

Thank You Terry Jarvis byQuros

Last week on Thursday morning my teacher Mrs Golder told me to write a small Thank You Card or Poster to our school Book Sponsor, Terry Jarvis. As I started Mrs Golder told me that my deadline was at 12:00 pm Friday.

When Friday came I did completely nothing but small drawings, I only had three hours left until I had to finish it, so I tried very hard to not be distracted by my classmates. There were a few times I became distracted.  It was from all the Fun activities that the class was doing but I got back to work. I was nearly finished. I only had a few minutes left before I  had to hand it in. I tried my best to finish it fast. I finished and I went to Mrs Golder in the room next door to show her and she was very impressed. After she took a picture, I had to hand it in quick, I only had a few seconds left so I bolted as fast as I could to hand it to a teacher, Mrs Pederson. When I walked into the office Mrs Pederson told me that I only had 1 minute left. She saw it, and she and another teacher were also impressed as well.

This is how it turned out:

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A Beautiful Day To Garden! by Pallas

Yesterday afternoon we did gardening. We planted lots of different kinds of plants in our garden! The main purpose was to get students to value and look after their environment! Not only that but also to have new plants in our garden and of course to help mother earth. I know that my class had definitely made a good choice with the type of plants that we chose. It suited our class heaps!! We were even nice enough to give some of our plants to the other class. 

All we have to do now is wait for our plants to grow! 

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Displaying IMG_5001.JPG
Displaying IMG_5001.JPG

Friday, 3 June 2016

Buddy Reading by Mika

On Tuesday we did buddy reading with Room 7. It was really fun doing it again. I was with Ka, he was reading a narrative about a lady who lost her glasses. I really enjoyed reading with my buddy.

No Bees, No Trees, No Me! by Pallas

A few days ago we learnt the importance of saving the population of our bees. But not only that, we also learnt how important they are to us. Without them we will die because their pollination plays a huge role in our food chain. I also learnt that if honey bees die, human society will follow in four years. That's why my class are stepping out and sharing the word! That we need to do something about the extinction of our honey bees!

BeeFlower Surroundings.jpg

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Being Sustainable With Energy by Athens

A few weeks ago on Thursday a lady named Estah from Vector came to our school to talk about 'Being Sustainable With Energy'. She talked to us about the different types of energy for example, mechanical energy which moves objects from place to place. There are also electrical, chemical and radiant energy. She talked to us about how we can save energy and made some suggestions such as to take shorter showers, turn off light switches, etc.

Estah also showed us a wooden plane that had no batteries in it and the top moved when there was light shining on it. That was called radiant energy and mechanical energy. There was also a car that had no batteries in it and the same thing happened, it moved when there was light shining on it.

Maths Assessment by Maranatha

Tick-tock goes the clock. I haven't finished my Maths assessment yet and there's only 5 more minutes until we hand in our test. 1, 2... what is there to do but sit here and wait until the alarm goes off. One more question to go and I'm done. As I proof-read my test, I find a blank answer and I quickly write down what wasn't there and finally I was done. Counting down 3, 2, 1 and Ding-ding! All tests were finished, and there was nothing to worry about but our scores. Hopefully I get a high score!