Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Basketball by Athens

After fitness on a Tuesday morning my class had to go to the court to learn how to play basketball. When we arrived at the court we all sat down in a line and learnt more about basketball, for example, the height of a proper basketball hoop. 

We started off with a warm up which just consisted of us running up and down the areas that had cones. After our little warm up we started learning basketball moves. We learnt how to jump stop, protect the basketball with our arm, bend our legs, dribble and many other useful skills that we needed to know. I had such a blast learning how to play proper basketball and I'm sure the others had a blast as well.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Kahurangi by Tyla

A few weeks ago a group called Kahurangi - People Of The Pacific, came to our school and performed traditional island dances. They taught us the greetings for the countries they were doing a dance to and told us a bit about each island. The show was really funny especially when the Kahurangi performers asked for volunteers. Mr Sok, Quros and Saluselo had to copy a few steps with the taiaha which was so funny, my face was turning bright red from laughter. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Netball Tournament By Maranatha

Last week on Wednesday, our school netball team went to the AMI Netball Courts to proudly represent Ruapotaka School. Running from side to side, throwing the ball to our teammates and shooting the ball in the hoop were fun but tiring at the same time. After a lot of rounds of games, the netball tournament was finally finished. We were good enough to be placed third and came back to school happy!

Back Row: Maranatha (me), Anavea, Heilala, Samuel and Quros
Front Row: Sione, Sophie-Isabella, Meana, Lupe, and Mika

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Olympic Teams Must Be Chosen By James

On Monday at our senior syndicate assembly the leaders for the school Mini Olympics had to pick the teams out of a container. There were 16 teams to choose from. My team is Japan because Tyla the leader pulled it out of the container.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Just Doing My Job by Quros

"Just Doing My Job"
This afternoon I helped my friends Heilala and Sophie-Isabella create a video for Netball. It was fun, funny and annoying because we kept on restarting our video over and over again. When we finished we were impressed then we took a photo. After we went back to class and showed our teacher ( Mrs Golder ), she was impressed too. 

Monday, 8 August 2016

First Senior Syndicate Assembly by Tyla

Monday was the first senior syndicate assembly for this term. We had an assembly based practically on the Olympics. It was pretty long because the countries were drawn out of a hat (container) for the mini Olympics at the end of this term. The country I will be representing is Japan. 
Rachael also came in to present the prizes, for the people who participated in her Winter Learning Journey blogging. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

Winter Learning Journey! by Sophie-Isabella

Last term Rachel from Auckland University came to tell us about the Winter learning Journey she had created for all Manaiakalani Schools. The site had fun activities we had to complete. But before we could start our work we had to register. The theme was the Rio Olympics and different items of the Olympics over the years.

The site required us to blog and Rachel blogging back to us. The participants who joined the activities received certificates. From each school there were three winners who soon received prizes in a school assembly.

Can't wait till the next activities. This will happen during the Christmas holidays.

Monday, 1 August 2016

First Day Back by Athens

Last week was the first week back at school. I was really excited to come back to school and see my friends but I was also very sad that we had to come back to school. The first day back I felt very weird mostly because I haven't seen my classmates and my teacher for two whole weeks! We also had an assembly and Mrs Golder picked me to receive a Duffy book. The reason was because I read in the holidays. The book is called 39 Clues - it's an investigation book and inside it there were six cards that I had to use to figure out the mystery. I really enjoyed the book!