Monday, 8 December 2014

St Kentigern Day

St Kentigern

On Thursday the 4th December, St Kentigern  came to our school and provided activities for us to do and complete.
By the end of the day, they donated to us a painting created by three of their students.
The tale of the painting, in my opinion, was to describe a  child’s life in primary / intermediate years, the stories we read and see while we’re growing up. For example, I grew up reading “Cat In The Hat” and “Captain Underpants”.
The painting was breath-taking and astounding to see.  
By Sela

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Dance Display

P.E Dance Day

At the end of Term 3, Mrs Vickers wanted the whole of Ruapotaka School to make up two dances to present to the other classes. Senila had organised one group that had about six people in it. She tried hard to make it a success. She taught six people the choreography of two dances. The six people in turn became leaders and taught the rest of Room 12. On the day we were nervous but we did it anyway. 
Senila had shown good leadership skills and generated confidence to all the students in Room 12. She did an awesome job helping us make this day successful.
By Shae

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Madd Messenger

Patia Wilson, who is an accomplished artist, drew for Ruapotaka School a picture of Superman in under 7 minutes. He used pastels and mainly the colours dark blue, light blue, red, yellow, black and cream on a pitch black canvas. He used smudging in the end and autographed it in deep purple.  
By Milana

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Madd Messenger

On Wednesday the 26 of November we were given the chance to experience a life long lesson thanks to Mr Calver and our principal Mrs Vickers.  A group called “ MADD Messenger” made of 2 people, Caroline and Petia, came to our school and talked to the year 7 and 8's about being confident about who we are.

The show included Music, Art, Drama and Dance. The show made us acknowledge the fact that most people change who they are; to become someone they want to be. That nowadays we hide things from others. Instead we should encourage and motivate people around us to be who they are, because we are all one of a kind and unique in a way.

Petia amazed us, made us laugh and smile too by showing us his artistic, musical and acting skills. He  drew Superman and took a class photo with both year 7's and 8's.

In the end we all left the Multipurpose Room knowing that we are special in a way and there’s not another person who is like us.
By Sela

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Prehistoric menu, modern-day students diet

We have been comparing and contrasting the different foods and the way we gather our food with prehistoric people.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

What Transport did I use in the holidays? by Jackline

Hhhhmmmm what transport did I use in the holidays? Oh now I remember I used a car, train, bus and all sorts of different kinds of transport. Imagine a world without any cars, trains,buses and other transport that can’t carry you from place to place. We won’t hear any of that,
BEEP! BEEP! or Broom Brooooom! and it would be a pain because it would take you forever to walk to a place that is far far away. 
Well we are so lucky to have transport to travel around the world and go to places that are really far away in about a few hours. Now I am going to tell you what transports I used in the holidays.

In the first week of the holidays I went to lots of places using different means of  transport. I went to Pac N Save in my mother’s van then I returned  home and packed the shopping away. A few hours later I asked my mum if she could dropp me off to Pukekohe. She said ‘’no’’. 
The reason she refused to take the van was because she wanted to save some gas, so we walked to the bus stop and went on the bus to the train station.
This means of transportation was cheaper for our family.

Friday, 30 May 2014

The Importance of Transport by James

  On Saturday morning I wanted to go to Glen Innes to get some milk with my bike so I rode to the shops. As I was riding to the shops I  saw heaps of traffic. After shopping I went on my bike back to Glen Innes just for a play around so I was biking around and having fun. Later in the  evening I went back home on my bike safely. 
A bike is a great way of transporting myself from one place to another.
   While me and my family were playing cards my uncle rang my mum and said if we all wanted to go to their house? 
So my said, ‘yes.’
But my grandpa and my grandma wanted to stay home.  My family wanted to go so we all went in the car. When we got there my aunt was there. They all stayed until Sunday.

A car is a great vehicle to get to places very fast.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Cross Safely by Jasmine

Why Pedestrian Crossing is Safer Now than the Past

In the past roads were made of gravel, which made it unsafe for cars and people. Back then rules were needed.

Now these days, there are safer ways to have less accidents and injuries. Better ways for cars and people to share the road. Less people are killed. Schools all over the world have systems running, called a Pedestrian Crossing.

Today, there are zebra crossings on a Pedestrian Crossing, which stand out, making the crossing easier to see.

There are also  striped black and white poles, to show where the crossing is. On most of those poles are bright round lights.

Bright highlighted  signs called lollipops are used to stop cars so people can cross. They are controlled by children in schools, who are old enough. The lollipops are hooked onto the stripped poles.

The children who carry out Pedestrian Crossing wear bright neon vests that are visible to all vehicles. There are also raincoats for different weather conditions.

So Road patrols are a safer way for all humans to cross and safer for cars and people to be on the road.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How I got around in the holidays? by Zeppalin

What goes beep beep, drives on wheels and which has four or two doors? CARS.

There are many ways to transport but the only one that I like to be transported in is the car because it gets around faster and quicker. Even though it pollutes the air it is still much better.The safest way to transport is the truck, car or bus. The unsafe way to transport yourself is rollerblades or bikes because when you fall off you can graze yourself and hurt yourself badly.  

 The colour of my mum’s cars is purplish and blue. It is called a Legnam and it feels nice and comfortable when you sit inside.  My cousins and I walked everywhere else like the shop and to other family’s houses. I biked to the shop to get some stuff. I went with my mum and brother also my uncle and traveled safely in the car.

It was great to see the family and this was made possible because of transport like cars.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ready to go by Mehrsa

“Mehrsa, get ready to go,” my dad called from the kitchen.

It was 2.30pm, Monday, 20 of April, 2014 and we decided to go to my aunt’s house and stay there for a week. We used our Nissan Primera 2002 to go there. My aunt’s house is in Papatoetoe so during the drive, my dad had to stop once at the petrol station for fuel. After we got there, we used my aunt’s Opel Zafira Tourer van to go to McDonald’s for lunch.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Crossing Safely By Talita

Screenshot 2014-03-18 at 12.08.19 PM.png
In the past young people, and even some adults were badly injured  in accidents and even closely to being dead. Back then road rules really didn’t exist. 

Young children had been risking their  lives chasing after balls and being unsupervised when crossing the road. There  were gravel roads which  had been a hazard to cars. Today with modern cars  people are speeding , texting and drinking around areas where children are playing.

But today pedestrian crossing is safer and better and  there are less accidents than before. Vests and jackets have become more noticeable for cars to see. Rules and laws  have been made to create this world a safer place. School patrols keep children safe by getting the little children across the road sensibly.

There are road lights to keep us safe when we cross the road. Adults make sure children are safe by getting them to: STOP,LOOK and LISTEN out for cars and traffic!! Road signs are great things that warn drivers about a school ahead.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Safer Crossings by Milana.K

Why a Pedestrian Crossing is Safer Now than in the Past.

Screenshot 2014-03-17 at 11.56.05.pngIn the past there were a lot more injuries and accidents to pedestrians because there were no pedestrian crossings. There were gravel roads, which made it harder for the cars to slow down or completely stop. People didn't really take responsibilities such as holding their children’s hand to cross. Road rules didn't really exist back then so cars shared the road with pedestrians.

When more people started buying cars the government started thinking about all the lives wasted on the road. They started marking the road and separating the place where cars drive, and the place where pedestrians should walk. Then they invented the highlighted vests to wear when people went out in the dark. Parents started being more responsible and keeping their children to the side of the road and holding their hands when they were about to cross the road, but the gravel roads were still a problem. More and more cars were speeding and continuing the old ways. To solve this problem people started making roads out of asphalt.

In our days there are not a lot of injuries on the crossing but there are rules to keep you safe. In most schools, the seniors are trained to be on road patrol to keep the juniors safe on the road. Also there are lights and signs which tell the drivers how close they are to the pedestrian crossing.

The results of all the efforts by the government and people have paid off. People live longer lives now and are safer than ever before.