Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Coming Soon ! by Sophie-Isabella

Just last week we were told that we were going to create another short film. The subject was to do with our Inquiry Healthy Food Choices. 
We were separated into two groups. We then got started to plan out our concept. The group I was in compromised and we came up with the idea of explaining what not to eat and what foods to include. Our finish product ended up really well.  

Friday, 18 March 2016

A Day Without Mrs Golder by Suliasi

Today Mrs Golder went to Stonefields for a Manaiakalani  workshop. Rooms 11 and 12 went to the library with Mrs Vickers. When we got there we were split up. Some went to the computer room and others to the library.  We were told to finish off any work that was on our Chromebooks just till morning tea. Then we all had to draw a monster inspired by the movie and the book we were studying, Where The Wild Things Are.
And when all the teachers came back we had to go back to class.
Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are

Fruit Kebab Movie by Anavea

Two weeks ago we were put into two teams to make a movie about Healthy Foods.

We had to make a movie that was about two minutes long. Before we could make it we had to plan out what we were going to be doing. It took us about three days to plan it. When that was done we had to practice our lines. All of us had about three days to practice our lines, before we could start making our movie.

Heilala and I brought in some fruits to use for our kebabs.Once the movie was made we were able to add music to the storyboard. We had about five days to do this. Once that was done we had to publish it. Well done!

Going To Tech by Jack Daniel

Every Wednesday for the last two weeks, the Year sevens and Year eights have been going to Tech. Tech is when we go to Tamaki College to learn about new things and create some drawings, cooking, modelling etc. 
When I had hopped off the bus I saw a lot of people who used to come to Ruapotaka School. I was in the Graphics Class and my teacher was Mr Pineda. My favourite activity was drawing diagonal lines in boxes and it looked like a flower. In my group are, Mika, Timote, James, Athens, Lupe, Meana,  Azahar and Me.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Where's Mrs Golder? by Pallas

I came to school, only to see that Mrs Golder wasn't here today. Where was she? Why didn't she come  to school? Why was there another teacher? Many questions were going through my head. Then that's when I possibly knew, that Mrs Golder was probably sick today. To be honest I really wanted Mrs Golder to come! Now we can't take our Chromebooks home. 
Aghhh hope she comes tomorrow!

Where's Mrs Golder Today?!?!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

I'm Not In The Softball Team.. ARGHHH!!!!! by Pallas

Tomorrow is Wednesday and some of the Year 7 and 8 students will be going to represent our school at the Softball Interschool Tournament. Too bad I'm not going. I didn't come to school on the day of  the try outs. It's OK because there's lots of other sport things coming up, later in the year! I begged and begged to my Sports teacher, Mr Reid that I'm good enough for the team but I didn't make it! Arghhhh!!!! I REALLY wanted to be in the softball team. 

I STILL can't get why I'm not in the team!?!?!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Last Softball Experience by Heilala

2016 Softball Team!!

Yesterday I went to a softball tournament with a few year eight and seven students. These students are Maranatha, Anavea, Suliasi, Timote Jr, Sophie Isabella, Quros, Samuel, Sione, Min Zin, Mele and Mika. It was held at the Dunkirk Reserve.  

I thought Mika Sefo was our top player. I thought his batting was on point and his catching was marvelous.  I also thought that everyone did well during our games. 

We won 2 games against St Patrick's and Panmure Bridge, but sadly we lost 3 games to Sylvia Park, Glenbrae and Point England Black. 

Although we came 7th I am proud to have had participated in our softball inter-school sports competition. I had fun at softball.