Friday, 23 September 2016

Skipping Display 2016 by Tyla

Yesterday we had our 2016 skipping display. It started off with the junior and senior skip off to see who can skip and last the longest. It went on for quite a while but later on Room 9 couldn't jump much longer, leaving Room 12 the champions. Not many parents came to our skipping display so we just showcased our skipping skills in front of Room 11. It was really fun watching everybody show off what they can do with a skipping rope and even though, I was just twisting the ropes I became really tired.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Congratulations Meana!

Meana came second in the Year 7 Girls' School Cross Country Race. Here's her account of the event:

Our Cross Country
On Wednesday we had our cross country race. Mrs Pederson called us to start our run. When we started I was so nervous I couldn't move at all. I  felt so exhausted after my first lap but I still kept my pace and ran until the end. I thought that everyone tried very hard at cross country.

Congratulations Lupe! You're a Winner

Lupe came first in the Year 7 Girls' School Cross Country Race. Here's her story:

The School Cross Country Wednesday 14th of September was when we had our school cross country race. It would have been a week earlier but we weren't  allowed at our school because of the Asbestos testing. I think everyone tried their best. It's unfortunate that we cannot go to the inter-school cross country race because of the situation caused by the asbestos testing. 

Thrid Place For Cross Country by Timote Junior

For the past few weeks we have been pratising running for the cross country race. When the real cross country came all the boys and girls ran around the school. We did three laps and then we ran around the field once. Finally, we bolted to the finish line. When I saw the finish line I dashed to it and I came third place.

School Shutdown! by Sophie-Isabella

Last week our school was being tested for asbestos, a deadly fiber if tampered with. We weren't allowed in our classes so the school was shutdown for a week. 

The next day there were 3 buses waiting for us so that we could be transferred to Tamaki Primary. They welcomed us with a powhiri performed by their School's Kapa Haka group. We were then informed on where we would be for the rest of the week. We didn't have the resources we usually worked with so we just had to go day by day. 

I can't wait to be back in our classroom and have all our resources back. 

2nd At Cross Country by Quros

On Wednesday afternoon we had our school Cross-Country Race and yeah in the title it says, "2nd At Cross Country", so that means I came 2nd place.

First off the year 1's - 7's started then us the year 8's. When we went to the start we all got ready except for me, because I was too busy posing in front of the camera but out of nowhere I heard, "GO."  Everyone started running but I was still posing, so I quickly looked to the right and everyone was gone so I darted as fast as I could to catch up with runners, then in no time I caught up. We had to do 3 laps. In the middle of the race I felt so tired, that I felt I was going to faint. At the end I passed my friend Maranatha. As I was running around the field I could hear everyone saying " GO QUROS!!!" So I ran as fast as I could towards the finish line and I got there. YAY!! I felt exhausted after that race and I was also excited that I placed 2nd.

Here is a few pictures throughout the whole race!!
Link To Pictures Below:)

Special Award by Maranatha

While all the Ruapotaka students were sitting in the Duffy assembly, Mrs Pederson requested  all the teachers to choose a hard working student from their class to receive an award (a book and a certificate). As I was trying to get comfortable sitting on the ground, Mrs Golder chose me. I was so happy, I felt like I was a model walking up! Hopefully I get more awards throughout the year. (I was the only one looking at Mrs Golder's camera).