Thursday, 10 May 2018

A Huge Storm! by Liza

On Tuesday I was watching the news. I saw that Auckland was going to be hit by a huge storm so I prepared myself. A few hours later there was an enormous storm. I was terrified because I thought that something could have happened. A tree could have fallen on my house or the roof might have flown off so I snuggled in a fluffy blanket to keep me warm and relaxed.

 As I was watching TV I heard a buzz. Then lights went out. The television switched off automatically because there was a power outage. Suddenly, I heard weird banging noises coming from my balcony so I went upstairs, hopped into my bed and fell off to sleep.


  1. Hi Liza,
    I think that your piece of writing is amazing and that the adjectives you used were very specific to what had happened. I think that every sentence you wrote was perfectly written. Your writing is great and I don't think that there is anything you could fix about it.

    If you would like to visit my blog the link is below:

  2. Hey Liza

    I like your creative thinking. I really like your amazing adjectives. Your writing is awesome. Yes ! There is nothing wrong with your writing it's pretty amazing.

    Keep your work up !

  3. I could really picture that storm Liza.