Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Hip Hop Off by Alexandra

Today was the day we showcased our dance moves. Each group from different classes have been selected to show off their own dances or the dances that they have been taught from our instructor, Jess. The people who were chosen to dance had to practice hard to be better than before.

This afternoon in the multipurpose room the whole school watched all the dances. The best dance group I liked was Room Twelve because the dancers added different unique  moves to the dance which they put together themselves. They looked amazing.

But the funniest one I liked was Room Six because they just made me laugh.


  1. Hi its me Mahara and I really liked the way that you included the class that you have like the best. and you picked the room that just made you laugh

  2. Hi Solomone my name is Wally Mei and I really like this blog post that you have posted. I really like the that you have written what group you liked and what group was the funniest. This is a really good piece of writing. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hello Room 12.
    My name is Toma and I am a year 8 student from Tamaki Primary School. You guys have really good dance moves it was like watching the jabbawockeez. When you guys were practicing did you guys get your dance moves off the internet or did you guys create them yourselves?. Keep up the good work!!! :).

  4. Great dancing izabella salo tupou pupuoke and johna lessi.

  5. You Guys Did Great! You should really be proud of your talent in dancing ����