Thursday, 15 December 2016

Prize-giving 2016

The recipients of the 2016 Prize-giving are acknowledged today for their achievements, successes and hard work in being Better Than Before. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you. 

Manaiakalani Scholarship: Quros

Most Responsible Prefects: Min Zin, Meana and  Quros

Leadership and support in a Cultural Group: Meana and Quros (Cook Islands), Viamoana (Tongan - absernt, represented by Pene), Aydrian and Leanah (Kapahaka), Samuel (Samoan).

Most Responsible Lunch and Wet day Monitors: Samuel, Popi, Min Zin and Athens

Most Responsible Fruit Monitors: Min Zin, Meana and Athens 

Intermediate: Lion Trophy: Heanre(absent)

Intermediate: Sporting ability: Sione, Sportsmanship: Maranatha

Intermediate: Principal's Awatd: Meana, Citizanship Award: Pepe, Leadership: Quros, Responsibility: Samuel, Supportive Student: Maranatha

Intermediate Academic Excellence: Year 7: Athens, Year 8: Tyla 

Intermediate: Most Improved:  Year 7: Timote Junior, Year 8 : Tyla and Samuel

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