Thursday, 15 December 2016

Y8 Graduation 2016

The end has come. The Year 8s have graduated from Ruapotaka School today.

A farewell note to the students in Room 12.

To Tyla, you always tried your best to be the best and you did it.
To Maranatha, your role as producer and director of 'The Focuser' has made this movie the best R12 movie ever.
To Heilala, you have a sensible attitude and you have been an excellent role model for younger children at Ruapotaka.
To Anavea, your role of writing the date and notices on the board daily helped organise my day and gave the class direction.
To Pallas, the hours you spent editing 'The Focuser' until it was all perfect is a credit to your patience and perseverance.
To Sophie-Isabella, you were a great Manaiakalani Ambassador.
To Quros, you were my creative artist who I relied on for all those 'Thank You' cards you made for the school's sponsors and 'The Focuser' logo.
To Samuel, you proved you tried your hardest in the interschool competitions when you came back cut, bruised and injured from Athletics and with Maranatha wearing a moon boot as well.
To Mele, the speed in which you completed your Inquiry learning has set a new R12 record.
To Aydrian, you understood my headaches more than any other student. You could be right - "drinking too much coffee". HAHAHA.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
Mrs Golder

R12 students: Pallas, Heilala, Maranatha, Quros, Aydrian, Tyla, Sophie-Isabella, Anavea, Samuel, Mele (absent). R11 students: Pepe, Halaiano, Gloria, Popi.

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