Monday, 9 April 2018

Duffy Award by Sosiua

Today at school we had reading. We were reading a book called ANZACs at Galipolli and we had to look for the definition for every word we didn't know. While searching we discovered there were multiple definitions for some of the words. We had to  pick one and give a reason for our choice.

I gave sensible reasons why I chose the meaning to lots of words.

Then we had lunch and played outside and then the bell rang and everyone went to the multi purpose room for our whole school assembly. When we were at the assembly the first thing we did was sing the New Zealand national anthem.

After that the prefects talked about being safe around roads, listening to your teacher and more. Lastly, we then had our Duffy awards and I received one.  I was so surprised and I got to choose a book to take home and read.

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